From the intricate jali-work from the dunes of Rajasthan, India, to the joyful riot of colours from the sunny streets of Marrakech, we explore and unearth styles hidden within stories from each region, and bring them to life in our collections.

To build a space you love is to create a living, breathing extension of who you are, and what you believe in. From the doors, to walls, to the floor, each element is a reflection of your consciousness and aesthetic.

And if the beauty of what adorns your home matters to you as much as how it’s made and its makers, we welcome you to Lioness.

Melding art and design with a purpose, Lioness is passionate about creating timeless, environmentally-friendly tiles for homes, transforming everyday spaces into the extraordinary. With rich colours and designs evocative of our diverse artistic past, we adorn our tiles with art that lives and thrives around you, and forms an indelible part of what makes your house, a home.

Fashioned by the capable hands of our local artisan-partners based in Rajasthan, India, each tile is a testimony to the skill and attention to detail of the women artisans, who enjoy a sustainable and flourishing livelihood for their incredible work.

Lioness Believes In

Quality: Following a production technique trusted for centuries, the Lioness tiles are timeless not only in their design, but also in their durability. Be it your walls, or your floors, the tiles function beautifully in both roles. High thermal insulation ensure that the tiles stay cool in the heat, and our slip-resistant feature means never worrying about the usual ‘caution:slippery when wet’ warning at home.

Design: Each Lioness collection is the result of a deep collaboration with traditional artists to understand and revive not only the ancient art forms, but also the stories that shaped them. Whether you’re a lover of pure heritage, traditional form with a contemporary twist, or have a bespoke requirement, you will find what you seek at Lioness.

Sustainability : Our environmentally friendly philosophy is baked into our production technique. Made from all-natural materials using a hand-pressed and hydraulic pressure technique, our unique process creates tiles that will stand the test of time without leaving any pollution in its wake, a contrast to the much-popular but environmentally damaging kiln-fired technique. A higher thermal mass per tile means your home naturally stays cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

Responsibility : Educate a woman, and you educate an entire family’, goes an old but true saying. Lioness is passionate about ensuring the well-being of its women artisan-partners, and enabling them and their families to live flourishing lives with opportunities. With regular training workshops to equip them with an increasing set of skills, providing a free, safe and creative space for them to work in, and giving them a sustained livelihood, Lioness seeks to equip our incredibly talented artisans with all they need to live a life where they are financially secure, confident and independent.