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Kavita Devi

Kavita Devi

Tile Artisan Expert

Hard work, Positive and loved intricate design

Kavita Devi | Age: 36 | Hard work, Positive and loved intricate design | Tile Artisan Expert

“Discouraged by both parental and post marriage family for education or employment - she had no way to express aspiration in the canvas of life, she felt lost and purposeless”

Originally hailing from the village of Bagru, Rajasthan, she had never worked in any job. After marriage, raising kids and doing housing chores left her in a state of depression. It was only when she met Mamta Devi in one spiritual meeting (Nirankari Samaj) she found courage to follow her dream and joined Lioness Tile as helper. In less than six months she got the level of expert cement tile craftsmanship. Now she’s committed to help others like her in unleashing their potential.