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Yashoda Devi

Yashoda Devi

Yashoda Devi| Age: 32 | Hard work, Positive and loved intricate design | Tile Artisan Expert

“Survived drug abuse, conflicted and humiliating personal circumstance, she had no imagination for life”

Originally hailing from the village of Bagru, Rajasthan, she was doing meage jobs in the ruthless unorganized labor economy of India. She has a great family of two kids and a supportive husband but they were not able to break the chain of poverty. One fine morning, just out of curiosity she walked into Lioness Tile premises to inquire about what women workers do in the factory. Voila! She found her passion - A week later she’s part of Lioness Tile pride and “in no time” got to performing at the level of expert cement tile craftsmanship. Now she’s committed to help others like her in unleashing their potential.