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Choosing the right wall and floor tile! What is the difference between Ceramic, Vitrified, Concrete, and Cement Tiles?

Difference between Ceramic, Vitrified, Concrete, and Cement Tiles?

Daminder Kaur

Choosing the right wall and floor tile! What is the difference between Ceramic, Vitrified, Concrete, and Cement Tiles?

I’m often asked this question by first-time cement tile buyers: which amongst the ceramic or vitrified and concrete or cement is better?My answer is that they are all unique and have different characteristics. The best way to go about this process is that when you're remodelling the space, play with all that is available. It’s always a good idea to explore and test out all your options!

Of course, if you indulge in exclusivity and want to customize your tiles in color or design that is unique to your taste,  then the answer is cement tiles - each beautiful piece of art being handcrafted gives you a whirlpool of options to play with in terms of design aesthetics and personalizing your space. Unfortunately, this option is not possible with ceramic or vitrified tiles because of the industrial capacity and unviable customization economics.

Cement Tile - Slip-Proof and Highly Durable.One of the strongest qualities about cement tiles, and something that I love is that they are slip-proof and highly durable, which makes them a strong candidate for high-traffic areas. However, something worth noting is that cement tiles are heavier and thicker than ceramic or vitrified tiles. You should also keep the lead time in mind, typically bespoke cement tiles have a lead time of 8-10 weeks.

Ceramic or vitrified tiles usually have a layer of glaze on top and are impervious after being fired at a high temperature in a kiln. Cement tiles are cured at room temperature, not fired and the color layer on top is porous.    

Installation and maintenance of cement tiles are easier, you should apply sealers every two years and if you want shinier tiles then wax polish does magic. There are acid-free cleaners available in the market which help retain the true hue in color pigments. Another important installation/maintenance challenge you should be aware of is edge chipping and I find cement tiles faring better than the alternatives.

So if you are someone who wants their choices to be unique and doesn’t want to walk into people’s homes and find similar tiles as your tiles then your go-to choice is “Cement Tile”.