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Know Your  Cement Tile...

A cement tile crafted at Lioness is a tile crafted with love, care and imagination. Using only natural pigments and materials of the highest quality, our stellar artisans use a pollution-free, hand-pressed hydraulic technique trusted for centuries to create patterned encaustic tiles that are beautiful, durable, heat and slip resistant, water sealed and environmentally conscious wall/floor cement tile. We love helping our patrons learn the wonderful intricacies of cement tile making process, so if you’re keen on knowing our creative process, read on!

>4000 PSI
Compressive Strength
Abrasion Test
Water Absorption
Flexural Load

Bagru - The Village;  The Story:

Like the inspirational Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says, it is crucial to open our minds and ears to the stories of others. Each Lioness Tiles Package carries with it a note that introduces you to the name, the radiant face, and the story of the amazing artisan who handcrafted the tiles for you. It is our little way of helping the hands that make, and the hands that appreciate our tiles join in a special embrace.

“When Beauty, Form and Intent Join Hands, It Can Only Lead to Magic.”

From the intricate Jaipur jali-work to the dunes of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, to the joyful riot of colours from the sunny streets of Marrakech, Morocco, we explore cement encaustic patterned tiles and unearth styles hidden within stories from each region, and bring them to life in our collections.

To build a space you love is to create a living, breathing extension of who you are, and what you believe in. From the doors, kitchen splash, bathrooms to highlight walls, to the floor, each element is a reflection of your consciousness and aesthetic. And if the beauty of what adorns your home matters to you as much as how it’s made and its makers, we welcome you to Lioness Tile.

Want to experience cement tiles
before buying.

Helping Artisans Craft  
Their Future

Melding art and design with a purpose, Lioness is passionate about creating timeless, environmentally-friendly tiles for homes, transforming everyday spaces into the extraordinary. With rich colours and designs evocative of our diverse artistic past, we adorn our tiles with art that lives and thrives around you, and forms an indelible part of what makes your house, a home.Fashioned by the capable hands of our local artisan-partners based in Rajasthan, India, each tile is a testimony to the skill and attention to detail of the women artisans, who enjoy a sustainable and flourishing livelihood for their incredible work.

  • Enabling Hidden Artistry
  • Economic Independence
  • Conducive Working Spaces
  • Social Recognition
  • Connecting Artisans to Customers

Our values

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller” we welcome you to Lioness Tile.

Passion & Love

Lioness tiles are timeless not only in their design, but also in their durability. High thermal insulation ensure that the tiles stay cool and our tiles are slip-resistant


Whether you’re a lover of pure heritage, traditional form with a contemporary twist, or have a bespoke requirement, you will find what you seek at Lioness.

Social Impact

Made from all-natural materials using a hand-pressed and hydraulic pressure technique, our unique process creates tiles that will stand the test of time without leaving any pollution in its wake


Lioness is passionate about ensuring the well-being of its women artisan-partners, and enabling them and their families to live flourishing lives with opportunities.


One of the most important steps in the art of tile making, We offer bespoke options, so you can get any design you like for your beautiful place. creating each brass mould with hand.

Support the Cause

You can support the Lioness Pride by joining our community on social media, spread the awareness about our mission