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Durable Exclusive Cement Tile

Cement tiles are an exclusive, artistic and durable form of ceramic tile that come in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. They are slip resistant, heat resistant and more durable than other types of tiles, making them an ideal choice for areas with high temperatures. Terrazzo tiles are a type of flooring made from marble chips and cement, and bespoke tiles offer a unique and customized look. Home remodeling projects can benefit from the use of heat resistant and slip resistant tiles, and cement tiles are the perfect option for this purpose.


Cement being the primary ingredient in these tiles make them porous so it's critical that after installation of cement tile, a high quality sealer is applied to the floor surface. These water based nano sealers are readily available in the market.

Heat & Slip Resistant

Cement tiles have high coefficient of friction which makes them slip resistant. The aggregates including cement in these tiles are insulate heat so these tiles are warm in winters and cold in summers.


Since cement tiles are not burned there is no fire involved making these tiles eco-friendly. The water usage from curing is recycled and re-used.