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Know Your Tile...

A tile crafted at Lioness is a tile crafted with love, care and imagination. Using only natural pigments and materials of the highest quality, our stellar artisans use a pollution-free, hand-pressed hydraulic technique trusted for centuries to create tiles that are beautiful, durable and environmentally conscious.
We love helping our patrons learn the wonderful intricacies of our tile making process, so if you’re keen on knowing our creative process, read on!

The Layers

Each lioness tile houses, within itself, three layers:The top layer is a blend of high quality silica sand, quartz and marble powder, together with white cement. The middle layer is made of dry grey cement, coarse silica sand and river sand. The bottom most layer, creating the foundation of the tile- is a blend of moist grey cement and river sand.

The Patterns

Since antiquity, India has been known far and wide for its highly skilled brass craftwork, and at Lioness, we apply this traditional wisdom to create beautiful, intricate brass frames that bring our designs to life. Our incredibly talented frame specialists work with great care to cut and shape the brass elements to craft frames into a stunning diversity of designs.

The Colours

We explored and source some of the world’s most quality natural pigments to give our tiles their stunning, rich colours. The oxide based pigments are the reason behind the bright yellows, reds, browns ,while cobalt oxide gives you the mesmerising shades of blue!


We believe going green in the only way to be - and we ensure that our production process reflects this philosophy. We use a pollution-free pressure based method to compress our tiles, a technique used for ages to create durable, strong tiles. The material mixture is poured in layers into our metal moulds and compressed by over 2000 psi (pound per square inch) of pressure. The intensity of such pressure fuses the layers perfectly, creating durable tiles that last for ages!

Weather friendly +
Slip resistant

The combination of these materials gives the tiles their high thermal mass, making them perfect for keeping your space warm in the cold weather, and cool during summer! What’s more, the very nature of our tiles is such that their surface stays naturally porous, making the tiles smooth yet slip resistant!

Crafting a Tile

Crafting a tile is a long journey that requires great care and attention, and we love every single moment of it! At Lioness, we are committed to ensure that each tile is given the care it deserves to emerge as a one of a kind marvel.