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Pappu Yadav

Pappu Yadav

Head of research

Learner for life! He's always looking to innovate, inspire and lead from the front.

Pappu Yadav | Age: 45 | Pure Energy, Personified | Tile Production and Curing Artisan

He may be forty-five years old, but the man can give any twenty year old a run for their money when it comes to radiating pure energy. Having had formal schooling till the 5th grade, Pappu Yadav used to work as a daily wage labourer at various construction sites before joining our team, an occupation that is highly seasonal in nature, where one could go for long periods without work or pay. Since joining Lioness Tiles, Yadav has quickly made himself an indispensable part of the team as a tile artisan and curing expert. Not one for sitting idle, he loves to keep busy, and his positive energy is infectious to all those around him.