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Lioness - Pursuing Happiness!

When we started on defining the purpose of Lioness Tile, it began with a simple but bold goal of crafting the best tile in the world.

Daminder Kaur

Lioness - Pursuing Happiness!

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When we started on defining the purpose of Lioness Tile, it began with a simple but bold goal of crafting the best tile in the world.

To achieve our mission, we knew quality and impactful design are critical pillars. However, we wanted to go beyond, and use Lioness Tile as a catalyst to revive our local artisan community. but even more important differentiator will be a possibility of creating meaningful experiences between our buyers and artisans. By offering these two community to intertwine their respective purposes and respectfully and consensually peep into the other side would create bonds which shall last for lifetime.    

To achieve our mission we executed our core values at the operational level and through our core values-

  • Finest Quality in the World: We want to create a memorable, personalized and in “best in class” buying experience. Every step of tile crafting at Lioness is thoroughly planned and precisely executed to handle scale.  For our artisan quality means pride and hygiene.

Our responsible sourcing, well trained and experienced artisans and stringent testing bring the finest and repeatable quality. Our Sieve testing step ensures appropriate river grating and highest quality natural oxide pigments (especially titanium white, deep green and rich blue colors) brings vibrancy and endurance to the tile. Every Lioness tile meets ASTM-1731 and IS-1237 standards.

  • Impactful Design: We want to personalize tile design experience by offering actual tile uses to collaborate with our design team, frame artisan or customizing your color pallet. In collaboration with our design team, we’ll offer personalized 3D modeling of your space with the customize tile design and color.
  • Social Good: We want to make the buying experience with Lioness meaningful and responsible. We decided early to be a socially responsible enterprise by skilling rural and economically deprived women in the art of cement tile making (four artisans), hygienic food program (feeding 11 members in Lioness Pride), or providing teaching assistance to our pride for them to communicate in confidence with our customers.

Finest Quality in the World:

Building/Remodeling your home can be excruciating - the planning involved, cost change and managing timelines are stressful and therefore we promise to ship your tiles in a reliable and predictable manner. For our international buyer from North America, we offer free shipping via our logistics partner UPS or DHL. Our after-sales team is available for tile installation advisory services (including site visit for India only customers) or via email and phone.

We have made good progress in the past one year in our pursuit of sustainable excellence and offering personalized experience to our responsible buyers however what excites me is the journey ahead as we expand our community, grow our brand and add capacity to enable more artisans and to make a dent in the global exclusive cement tile market.