Mamta Devi | Age: 37 | Learner Extraordinaire | Senior Tile Production Expert

Married at the age of 15, bearing the first of her three children at 16, and with no opportunities to gain formal education, Mamta Devi’s life may have been full of challenges, but her talent and ambition refused to be dulled. While she worked as a cleaner in the neighbouring premises, we asked if she would like to join the Lioness team, and the rest is history. The way Mamta Devi beautifully took to the art of tile making was a pleasure to witness. Her zeal to learn, initiative, and eye for perfection led to her becoming a senior tile production expert within a span of a mere year. We are excited to watch her immense potential turn to action, and are sure to see her do great things in the future.


Mamta Kanwar | Age: 22 | Young Turk | Tile Production Expert

“In a village where the women and girls are discouraged from learning or stepping out of their homes, an opportunity to work and learn here has brought a wave of new possibilities for us”

Originally hailing from the village of Malgaon, Rajasthan, Mamta Kanwar is our youngest artisan, and one full of promise. Working as a janitor in her previous employ, she was unhappy with the working conditions when she decided to join the Lioness Team. What began next was an intensive training process to make her an end-to-end knowledge owner in the tile making process, a learning experience Mamta welcomed with great initiative. She now says that her experience at Lioness has given her confidence in her skills and to encourage the women around her to take their destiny in their own hands and explore their true potential.


Pappu Yadav | Age: 45 | Pure Energy, Personified | Tile Production and Curing Artisan

He may be forty-five years old, but the man can give any twenty year old a run for their money when it comes to radiating pure energy. Having had formal schooling till the 5th grade, Pappu Yadav used to work as a daily wage labourer at various construction sites before joining our team, an occupation that is highly seasonal in nature, where one could go for long periods without work or pay. Since joining Lioness Tiles, Yadav has quickly made himself an indispensable part of the team as a tile artisan and curing expert. Not one for sitting idle, he loves to keep busy, and his positive energy is infectious to all those around him.


Yusuf Khan | Age: 34 | The Perfectionist | Mould Designer and Fabricator

A doting father of three from the village Moradabad, Yusuf Khan believes that God is in the details. Each day, Khan lives this philosophy in his crucial responsibility as the mould designing and fabricating expert at Lioness Tiles. His artful eye for detail demonstrates his commitment to perfection and the fact that his lack of formal schooling has had no impact on his superb skill and talent . One of the most important steps in the art of tile making, Yusuf crafts each brass mould with his hands, ensuring that each curve, line, and cut is exactly where it should be to bring to life the perfect tile. Khan’s uncompromising work ethic serves as an inspiration to the entire team at Lioness every day.